The students of the university of Rostock are organised in different student initiatives. Those are formed according to the faculties or their subordinated organisation units (e.g. institut). The student initiative is the elected representation of the respective subject area. We are the representation of the students of the business economical studies at the university of Rostock.

Who do we represent

The FaRat represents all students of the subject area economics. Those students are allowed to take part in the annual election for the student's representatives.

We represent following courses of studies:

  • B.Sc. Wirtschaftswissenschaften (business economics)
  • B.A. Wirtschaftspädagogik (economic pedagogy)
  • M.Sc. Dienstleistungsmanagement (service management)
  • M.Sc. Volkswirtschaftslehre (economics)
  • M.A. Wirtschaftspädagogik (economic pedagogy)
What do we do

Primary task of the FaRat is the representation of the student's concerns. Further tasks include:

  • a weekly public meeting to discuss current matters
  • organisation of a the first week for freshmen to guide them
  • organisation of different types of events (sport, party, etc.)
  • participate in different boards of the university
  • maintain contact to instances of the university
  • evaluation of the lectures and seminars to give feedback for improvement
  • collecting and sharing of informations to help managing your studies
  • ballot votes and plenums of student initiatives concerning FaRat
Legal Basis